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A world in constant struggle, from the time the first shifters came to be, to the time of the humans and the redifinition of “magic”. A world where any common man may rise to the challenge and prove his worth.

Play in the first 1310 Years:

During the early years, when the races are all young; they emerge, dived into clans or tribes, the evntually reconcile differences and become one culturally diverse race. The players may choose from the following races, keeping in mind that they should agree on a specific race and choose sub-race from there:

Elves and Fae
Dwarves and Gnomes

As of 1310 the humans have reunited all thier tribes and clans under one ruler on one continent. By 1312, the humans have met and herded all non-humans to one island. By this time many of the Shalnez have already left known lands, due to forseeing the human domination. As a result players lose access to this race and it becomes GM only discretion. All other races harbor a great resentment or outright hostility toward the humans.

Main Page

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